Daniel Needham USC Report Rd 1

Daniel Returns to Fulltime

Official release: Sid Moore Motorsports Inc October 05-10-15

Daniel Needham encountered what was a tough night of racing , with the end result being a DNF in the B-Main in what was looking to be a promising night.

Time Trails Time 14th out 33 and 28th out of 67 cars

Heat 1:

Started out of 7 Daniel quickly became involved in a 3 car battle for the transfer spot with Sammy Walsh and Jeremy Cross. Daniel finished the race in 6th spot one spot out of the transfer . Despite missing direct transfer into A-main Daniel was still happy with how the night was going so far .   ” We ran out of brake around lap 3 or 4 but  it was really hard to stabilize the car around the bottom battling with Sammy I knew this was for transfer , at times we couldn’t get this fast car to slow down enough to keep it on the bottom . But we have speed witch is one thing you need here and we have it ”


Daniel Started out of the 8th Position with top 4 going through , With a multiple car crash up ahead Daniel had no where to go and was involved . Daniel how ever restarted at the tail of the field but was a result to a dnf with damage caused in the crash earlier .     ” That somes up our night we just had a little bad luck on our side tonight with the heat and now the B-main . Im feeling great about the team and the car , we just need alittle bit of luck and have a good result and go  ahead from there .”

A new range of merchandise is also being worked on and hopefully some news will be announced in the near future.  Sid Moore Motorsports Inc would like to thank the following for their support of the 2015/2016 racing season:   DGX ( Dependable global Express )  CR&D, GP RACEGEAR,  Wurth Australia Black beard Pty Aston demolition

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