Daniel Looking for lady Luck – USC Rd 2

Official release: Sid Moore Motorsports Inc   15-10-15

Daniel and team put through there paces but keep on fighting in round 2 USC Championship .

Time Trails Times 28th out of 33  group 1     “Didn’t think we were that bad we just got caught out being the last group out in my group doing a 13.222 couldn’t be that bad as that time would of gotten us in the top 5 in group two , its a hard deal here atm but we will keep moving forward .

Heat 1:

Daniel staring 12 in heat one had a big task of passing 7 cars to make Transfer sport and with that Daniel did not disappoint , by running 7th and with the 5th sport with in reach Daniel just missed out again .   “Start was hetic up front cars everywhere by the end of lap one I thought we were in 9th or 8th  so pretty happy about that , and we keep moving along and found the transfer with in reaching distance but ran out of laps . Car was good so couldn’t complain .”

C – Main

With the new format in place it dose not go by were you finished in your heat but back in your time , witch put Daniel out of 10 in C-Main . With in a couple laps Daniel was in fouth and fighting 3rd for the final transfer spot to the B-main , How ever Daniel and 5th place car came together and ended the night for SMMI and back to pits .   ” We not have had the luck we deserve atm , we moving forward in every race we been in I hope to have luck soon , and with the contact that’s racing sean races hard and so do I so I guess that’s racing we will be back next weekend .

A new range of merchandise is also being worked on and hopefully some news will be announced in the near future.  Sid Moore Motorsports Inc would like to thank the following for their support of the 2015/2016 racing season:   DGX ( Dependable global Express )  CR&D GP RACEGEAR Aus  Wurth Australia Black beard Pty Aston demolition

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