SanremoCorse is the successful range of wheels realized for being used on tarmac. Its structure is primarily designed to resist heavy loads while maintaining the necessary lightness.

The rim contour allows the installation of the largest brakes, up to the WRC measures, while the design of the lips facilitates the mounting of hard tires. SanremoCorse can be mounted on the best sports cars, and its measures can be adapted through the use of an assembly kit, composed of an aluminum centering ring and high resistance nuts or bolts.

For the road use the steel inserts may be absent to allow a more flexible use of the standard nuts or bolts, without changing the assembly characteristics.
SanremoZero 8×17″ is the evolution of SanremoCorse specifically designed for rallycross use. The design with twelve paired spokes falling towards the hub allows to have a low offset and protects the wheel during the “door to door” contacts typical of rallycross. A further version of SanremoZero in 9×17″ size has been developed to give the best performances in circuit and track racing.



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