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OFF Jack

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OFF Jack is the hydraulic fast jack specifically designed for equipping your off-road racing car.Made from Billet aircraft aluminum and high strength steel, it allows a very long travel in lifting (430 mm) and can bear a load of 1200 kg.Thanks to the double piston OffJack can reach the maximum height in a very short time (16 strokes only) and with a reasonable man force.

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  • Base: adjustable aluminum foot, with 80 mm diameter for rock/gravel use (to be combined with a plank [not provided] for on-sand use
  • Weight: 5,9 Kg
  • Lifting speed: 16 strokes
  • Lifting weight: 1200 Kg
  • Minimum setup height: 10 cm
  • Maximum setup height: 48 cm
  • Extension: 43 cm
  • Total length when closed: 75 cm
  • Pin: 20 mm diameter steel made pin (hexagonal CH 17). Height adjustable accordingly to car ride.


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