Daniels got speed and is Mini Mouse for the Night Rd 3

Official release: Sid Moore Motorsports Inc   Date :17-10-15

With a rainy start to the night Daniel looked ahead to be a quite promising  start to the weekend . And had a new front wing sponsor for the night Mini Mouse as it was Daniel little girls Birthday the following week .

Time Trials Timed 17th out of 22   ” We knew by the 1st corner we made a mistake with the set up I was in trouble and did the best we could , we are better then that and we will do what we have been doing all year and make the right choices with set up and move forward .”

Heat One

Daniel Started out of 11 and knew he needed 6 places to make the A-MAIN with once again battling for the transfer spot in heat one , Daniel Finished 6th right behind 5th spot Michael Saller .   ” Car great we onced again fought for our transfer spot again we had the speed and the car to be in the A-main I think we really need to work on our time trial so I don’t have to make it so hard for myself passing all these cars and missing out by one spot its killing me .”

B main

Daniel started out of P15 and quickly moved his way up to 5th with a mid race battle Daniel fell back to 7th and 8th at one stage , Daniel on the last re-start pushed is way back up to a close 6th behind 5th and 4th as there is only 4 cars that make it to A-Main.   ” That’s our best result of the season ay 6th place in the B- Main its hard to belive we should of at lest been in the show twice this year, its the hardest start to the yr we ever had . But what so confusing we been fast we past cars we come up short so many times , im quite happy about how this team moving in every race every week I carnt wait to have our week off sort our crew problem improve this car a lil more and become a factor in this series I cannot see why not . Just glad we had mini on our car tonight help us get home in one piece .”

A new range of merchandise is also being worked on and hopefully some news will be announced in the near future.  Sid Moore Motorsports Inc would like to thank the following for their support of the 2015/2016 racing season:   DGX ( Dependable global Express )  CR&D GP RACEGEAR   Wurth Australia Black beard Pty Aston demolition

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